More art than you or your modem can handle.

Had a dream about shooting heroin. Feels like there’s an art project in there somewhere.

walk cycle? walk cycle?!? You’re missing the big picture!!!

It’s really crude but here’s a hand

Great Disney’s ghost Batman! It’s been a long few months. Survived the office politics, survived Black Friday, and made it through New Years without a hangover.

All snark aside; after four months (I think) the animation for Hole In One is finally finished and now you can enjoy it for yourselves. While I enjoy finally moving onto the coloring stage.

Only have about five seconds left to animate but it may be the most challenging part so far. As a great internet meme once said “I have no idea what I’m doing.” So I have no idea what it will look like in the end. 

Still working on the last bit of Hole in One but, dat eyeblink! Felt so proud of that I had to stop working and post it right now.

well….I almost have business cards
Page o’ hands
Only one more segment left to animate for Hole In One

Only one more segment left to animate for Hole In One

A couple different projects. The last layer on the space needle is finally dry after who knows how long. Added another layer to the sky and ended up with that deep blue; not sure if it’s the hue of the paint itself or the intensity is influenced by the previous glazed layers.

Also started a ship in a bottle; not really sure where the desire to build one came from but it’s gonna happen. That’s about as far as I’ll get until I get a smaller drill bit for the mast hinges.